Let’s save the waves together!

We are working towards our goal of being plastic-free as part of our plastic reduction strategy, paper straws, Forrest Stewardship Council-certified wooden coffee stirrers and bamboo garnish picks will be available onboard. After this we will focus on reducing single-use plastics such as condiment packets, cups and bags.

Royal Caribbean’s Save the Waves programme started in 1992 to promote environmental sustainability and achieve “zero landfill” — all waste is reused, recycled or incinerated. State-of-the-art recycling centres are available on every ship which is equipped with shredders, balers and compactors, as well as crushers for glass, light bulbs, tin and aluminium.

Some tips on reducing your waste onboard:

  • Use a cloth bag to store items purchased at our boutiques.
  • Use a reusable bottle instead of a disposable bottle.
  • Sort waste into the recycling bins on the pool deck.